TTS Group Bringing Smiles To The Orphans In Hanoi AGAIN!

Posted: 2 October 2017

TTS Group revisited the Social Sponsor Centre III, Branch 3: Centre for Orphans and Malnourished Children on 24th September 2017.  


One year after our first visit, TTS Group were glad to come back and knew that so much has been changed in the Centre for Orphans and Malnourished Children in Hanoi. We presented the Centre with some diapers, milk powder and chips for the children. We were warmly welcomed by Ms Phuong, the vice director of the Centre, who shared with us what had happened for the past one year.

Initially, they had 28 kids and the majority of them have turned 6 years old and were being transferred to another centre which will be further assisting them during their school age. We were glad to hear that 3 kids are being adopted and taken care of in their respective families. Unfortunately, it was sad to receive the news that there are two kids who suffered from mental difficulties and could not be transferred elsewhere. Also, it was heartbroken to know that there are 3 new orphans who are just new-born where one of them was found when his umbilical cord was still attached. We are really thankful to the Centre kindness and we have sent our sincerest thanks to the people working in this centre, especially people who have to overcome their own several physical difficulties to take care of the unfortunate kids and let them feel love and warmth in such a big family.

The kids here are being put into different rooms classified by their age group. Majority of the kids in the orphanage centre are less than 2 years old and some of them were too tiny that they were kept in a special room where we could only see them through the customised protective glass. The kids do not speak much, but their eyes say it all. Interacting and playing with them, looking at their curious eyes and innocent smiles, we became more aware of how we can uphold and support our corporate values through all these small actions by offering our little efforts and contributing our part to the well-being of this world.

To read about our visit to the Centre for Orphans and Malnourished Children in 2016, please click the following link:

TTS Group Shares Industry Insights with NUS Engineering Students


Posted: 5 September 2017

TTS Group is honoured to be invited to present in the Engineering Industry Awareness Series 2017 held in the NUS, Engineering Block EA foyer on 24th August 2017.  

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Engineering is the largest among fourteen faculties and schools of NUS, and praised as a leading engineering school in the region. NUS Engineering organises numerous events throughout the semester to connect students with engineers and recruiters, and the Engineering Industry Awareness Series is recognized as the flagship networking event.

This year, the NUS Faculty of Engineering and Centre for Future-Ready Graduates cooperated with BrightMinds by CareerBuilder Singapore to organize the Engineering Industry Awareness Series 2017, open to over 6,000 undergraduates and more than 3,000 graduates in the university. Focusing on 3 segments namely: Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering Services & Consultancy, Sustainability & Environment, the event aimed to provide Engineering students with insights into the industries in Singapore, including internship and employment opportunities.

With a broad and extended range of professional experience, Tan You Jin, our Associate Director, has been invited to deliver a presentation regarding the Engineering Services and Consultancy segment.

Entitled “Running a Transport Planning Consultancy – An everyday affair of combating traffic congestion”, You Jin’s presentation has provided students with overview of TTS Group, a ‘solutions’ driven business which has been providing its full range of professional services to both public and private sector clients throughout Australia and South East Asia.

You Jin went on to share insights into the traffic and transport consulting industry, and how TTS has dealt with everyday’s challenge in the most innovative, safe and comprehensive manner, and grown to become a leader in this sector.

After the Guest Speaker Sessions, You Jin also joined in Networking at booths, where he answered more specifically to the questions of students about the company, the application of their knowledge and skills in actual working environment, and shared his experience and thoughts on working in the development and infrastructure sectors.

“I am grateful to take this chance to share the industry insights I gained from working in various countries and various transport planning projects throughout the region”, said You Jin, “This is also a great opportunity for us to showcase our unique and highly specialized international expertise underpinned by the depth and breadth of experience of our professional staff.”

The Engineering Industry Awareness Series 2017 has ended successfully and helped students to get to know more about what the actual engineers do, understand more about what they want and what they do not, practice professionalism and become more motivated. We are looking forward to this excellent platform of direct networking to be continued and developed in the future.

TTS Group Delivers Speech in SME Summit 2017

Posted: 10 July 2017

TTS Group is once again proud to be invited to present in the 6th SME Summit held in the One Farrer Hotel & Spa on 6th July 2017.  

The SME Biz-Innovation Summit has been long praised as a great platform for hundreds of CEOs and senior management executives to exchange pointers and gain valuable answers to their current and future problems. Themed “Globalisation of SMEs: Resilience, Innovation & Exploration”, the 6th SME Biz-Innovation Summit explores the issues faced by Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in times of ongoing global economic challenges, disruptions and new trends of globalization, as well as solutions for them to embrace innovation and globalisation to remain relevant and competitive. In light of a new world economic order and the 4th industrial revolution, this year summit encourages SMEs to exhibit the spirit of grit, resilience and adaptability and take the leap to reinvent themselves.

Kelvin Foo, our Director, SE Asia, was invited to share his experience in not only running an SME successfully through hard times but also expanding it internationally. Entitled “Break that mindset, gain a foothold”, Kelvin’s speech addressed several challenges when doing business overseas, from difficulties in communication and cultural differences, to foreign laws and political risks, then international company structure and accounting. He took TTS Group as an example of how a company can survive and thrive in the era of innovation and globalisation, using some key tactics:

 Develop and apply advanced technology wherever and whenever possible

 Structure in a way to attain expertise, potential and capacity to go global

 Put staff on priority – focus on developing strengths

 The branding strategy is based on corporate values

In spite of maturing economy, increasing costs of operation and tough global competition, Kelvin’s presentation stated that there are many golden opportunities for growth and expansion in the region. However, it is crucial to have a break in mindsets and innovative approaches to capitalize on those opportunities, and Kelvin encouraged the C-level executives who are running SMEs themselves to stop waiting for the best moment, step up right now and conquer new frontiers.

TTS Group Shares Knowledge on Transport Micro-simulation with Selangor, Malaysia

Posted: 15 June 2017

TTS Group is proud to have been invited to present in the “Knowledge Sharing Workshop” at the Dewan Annex, Selangor State, Malaysia on 26th May 2017.

The “Knowledge Sharing Workshop” is a half-day event organized by the Selangor State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) in collaboration with Mag Technical & Development Consultants Sdn Bhd. It was attended by technical officers from all local government authorities in the State, councillors from Local Government Authority, Selangor State Public Work Department (JKR) and State Town & Country Planning Department (JPBD). Titled “Knowledge Sharing on Transportation Planning and Micro-Simulation”, the workshop aims at providing information about transportation planning, its importance and goals, as well as going through the methodology employed in the traffic planning process.

Mag Technical & Development Consultants Sdn Bhd, the organizer of the event as well as TTS Group’s associate partner in Malaysia, is a specialist in urban and regional planning, and in high way and traffic engineering. MAG kicked off the presentation with an introduction of the traffic study in general, aiding with some insights about current and future urbanization plan in the Selangor State, raising awareness of the need for a better transport system in the region.

When it is TTS Group’s turn to present, we mentioned the situation of cities of Southeast Asia, and suggested that it is crucial to have a clearly defined strategy, especially effective traffic planning tools, to solve the various complex and inter-connected traffic problems. Having experience with various traffic planning applications, TTS Group’s team including Kelvin Foo, our Director for both TTS Group Singapore and Vietnam, and Malcolm Soh, our Senior Transport Planner based in Singapore, presented on using Aimsun as an effective Micro-Simulation tool. The presentation also emphasised the various key strengths of Micro-Simulation which lead to their collective benefits in modelling congested road, analysing traffic in various environment and giving confidence in solutions:

Ability to queueing condition
Ability to simulate traffic at progression levels,  up to the point of saturation
Ability to reflect even relatively small changes in the physical environment
Visually capable in 2D and 3D

TTS Group’s team then went on to present about the criteria of an effective micro-simulation tool: consistency, efficiency, quality, accuracy and speed, along with some examples from the UK, Spain and Singapore. These examples clearly demonstrated how good micro-simulation applications helped to improve the transport planning and traffic controlling in these countries.

“We can see a lot of symptoms of poor public transport systems in many countries in Southeast Asia, which can be solved by the proper implementation of effective traffic planning tools” says Kelvin,” We hope that our presentation can add value to the overall sharing session, and thus, help to promote the development of transport planning in Malaysia.”

The Knowledge Sharing Workshop has successfully ended and received positive feedbacks from the attendees. We are looking forward to seeing more similar events to be held in Malaysia in the future in view of raising awareness of various aspects of transportation and promoting the development of transport system in the area. We look forward to working with MAG again in the near future.

TTS Group Celebrates the Opening of Sentosa Gateway Tunnel

Posted: 12 April 2017

TTS Group is proud to have worked together with our Client, Tyco Fire, Security and Services (Tyco), to  provide traffic consultancy for the new Sentosa Gateway Tunnel (SGT), a project aiming at easing congestion for people who travels to, live and have businesses on Sentosa Islands, Singapore. SGT is set to open on 27 April 2017.

[source: Singapore Budget website]

Sentosa Gateway Tunnel (SGT) is a 1.4 km-long one-way tunnel linking outbound traffic from Sentosa to Lower Delta Road and Keppel Road. It is built just 1.6m above the North East Line tunnel and a metre away from the foundations of the West Coast Highway viaduct. Because of its location, the tunnel is only accessible to cars and motorcycles with the height limit of 3.5m.

TTS Group’s team, which include study team  from Singapore Office with Kelvin Foo as the Project Director and Tan You Jin as the Project Manager, is honoured to be involved in the Sentosa Gateway Tunnel project together with our Client Tyco Fire, Security & Services. The TTS Group team is entrusted as Traffic Consultants to provide a full set of services comprised of:

 Proposal of the Traffic Control and Monitoring Performance Criteria and Standards

 Formulation of algorithms and computation of traffic data for interpretation of real time and past traffic conditions to study traffic trends

 Proposal of suitable message and symbols, their placements, as well as their optimal height in Variable Message Signs (VMS) and  Lane Use Signs (LUS) for all possible scenarios

 Determine the placement for the Entrance Ramp Barrier System (ERBS)

 Development of strategies and response plans for incident management in SGT and roads within its area of influence inclusive of traffic control

 Review the ERBS, Traffic Signals (TS), LUS, Light Box Sign (LBS) and VMS layout in proposed drawings to ensure its operability, suitability and safety for operation in SGT.

 Conduct Operational Task Analysis (OTA) for the operation and management of SGT tunnel

Warning signs and height restriction beams will be present to stop buses and larger vehicles from entering — these vehicles can continue using the roads towards Telok Blangah Road. The tunnel is expected to alleviate the current congestion at the busy at-grade traffic junctions at Sentosa Gateway, Telok Blangah Road, Kampong Bahru Road and Lower Delta Road, especially during evening peak hours and the weekends. Therefore, according to Land Transport Authority (LTA), it could halve the travel time for motorists, and those using the existing surface roads could also enjoy a quarter off the usual time they take when the tunnel opens.

TTS Group developed a unique Traffic Incident Management Model where it automatically works out the set up of the vaiours VMS and LUS signs involved, for every possible scenario. Thousands of scenarios are taken into consideration in the pre-defined traffic and incident management plans to ensure safety of motorists, facilitation of easy traffic management, ease of maintenance and fast response of incident during the operation of SGT.

“The work on the incident management, with the setup of our Traffic Incident Management Model, is one of the most challenging tasks, and consideration on every possible safety hazard is to be covered” says You Jin, “We are very grateful that the model had completed with the support from every key member of the Client and Project team.”

Sentosa Gateway Tunnel is set to open on Thursday, 27 April 2017. We are looking forward to seeing how this project will provide a new driving option out of Sentosa Islands, thus ease congestion and enhance the transport mobility in the area. Please see the article on Channel News Asia website about the opening of SGT here.

[source: The Straits Times website]

[source: The Straits Times website]

TTS Group Proud to Be Part of Hanoi BRT Project

Posted: 07.01.2017

TTS Group is proud to work together with Cevitrans, and contribute towards the latest Hanoi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT),which starts operations in January 2017 and is  one of the components of Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project – a World Bank funded ODA project aiming at improving Vietnam’s capital’s urban transportation network and strengthening public transport capacity. 

Having received a Credit from the International Development Association (IDA) and a Grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) towards its costs, Hanoi Urban Transit Development Project  aims to increase urban mobility in targeted areas in Hanoi.

The project has three key components, one of which is The Bus Rapid Transit Component (BRT). Since its first implementation in Brazil in 1974, the BRT system has been built and proven success in more than 130 cities in over 30 countries worldwide. Approaching the service quality of rail transit while still enjoying the cost savings and flexibility of bus transit, the system is considered as optimal transit solution in urban transport planning in densely populated cities.

In this project, TTS  Group is delighted to work closely with our partner, Cevitrans Limited which is a renowned consultancy firm providing BRT transport planning and engineering specialist advice in Asia, Oceania and the UK. Cevitrans Limited has extensive experience working in 6 countries and developed a geographically diverse set of clients in Vietnam, with a number of high profile transport schemes, such as Da Nang 2030-2050 Masterplan and Vision and the Da Nang Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Feasibility and Detailed design projects (Da Nang City and World Bank), the ITS system Feasibility Study Review for the Ho Chi Minh City BRT (World Bank).

TTS Group is honoured to work alongside Cevitrans to conduct the Hanoi BRT – operational and service planning feasibility study. The study comprises of (1) analysis and evaluation of current traffic situation along BRT route and (2) modelling and suggesting optimal operational plan for all 34 junctions on the route. The report was submitted and approved by Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project Management Unit (HUTDPMU).

“We are honoured and privileged to make our contribution to the project with James Tinnion-Morgan of CeviTrans,” says Vinh, our Project Manager for this work, “and broadly speaking, to see how we are working to promote a shift to more environmentally- sustainable transport modes and urban development plans, and the replication of these approaches in the country and region.”

Hanoi BRT system has passed the “technical run” conducted since 15th December 2016 and has been officially put into operation from  1st January 2017. We are looking forward to seeing how effectively the system will facilitate Hanoi overall transport mobility.



TTS Group Gains TIA Success in Myanmar

Posted: 22 November 2016

TTS Group is proud to gain success in Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) for Hoang Anh Gia Lai Myanmar Centre, a project introduced by Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group in Yangon’s one of the most upscale areas.

TTS Group is able to achieve this incredible milestone also because of our very strong local partner, Sun United Company Limited, who has extensive experience in designing and building for mix development with steel structure building, reinforcement concrete buildings, infrastructure developments and construction management for high rise buildings in Myanmar and Singapore.

Both TTS Group and Sun United have now worked on several Traffic Projects together, including organizing a conference together way back in July 2016. More news on the conference can be read here.
Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) Group is one of the leading real estate companies in Vietnam, with focus on the development of residential and commercial property in Vietnam’s principal economic centres. The company has been expanding regionally with real estate projects in Laos, Thailand and Myanmar, one of which is the Athletes’ Village for the 25th Southeast Asian Games delivered to the Government of Laos in 2009.


Bounded by Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and No.1 Industrial Road and within 100m walking distance to historical attraction Fushan Temple, The HAGL Myanmar Centre will comprise of Grade-A offices, retail spaces, modern apartments and a brand new hotel, aiming to redefine the business and lifestyle in New Yangon.

TTS is honoured to be entrusted and chosen by HAGL Group to conduct TIA for the project. The main objective of the study is to forecast the future traffic generated from the proposed development of The HAGL Myanmar Centre, to assess the impacts on the surrounding area and to propose mitigation measures if required.

TTS Group’s team included professional staff from both our Singapore and Vietnam Offices which include Kelvin Foo  as the Advisor and You Jin as the overall lead for all technical aspects of the project. The traffic engineers from the Vietnam Office are also involved actively in the traffic analysis and presentation of the project. The following is the project stage flow:

Stage 1 – Planning and scoping
Stage 2 – Data collection & Analysis
Stage 3 – Traffic (Vehicle and Pedestrian) demand & route choice modelling
Stage 4 – Pedestrian circulation and Vehicle mobility with access management
Stage 5 – Evaluation and validation

“We are honoured and privileged to be able to provide our services and professional opinions to this project” said You Jin, Associate Director of our consulting business based in Singapore. “We are well experienced and ready to serve such a project to a high level of quality”

We have completed the study successfully and received good feedback from HAGL Group. TTS Group is also the first international consultant to get acceptance and the pre-clearance of TIA in Yangon, with satisfaction from both client and authority.

TTS Group Shares Entrepreneurship knowledge with Yumin 2016

Posted: 17 October 2016

TTS Group is honoured to be invited to “Meet the Entrepreneur” sharing session as a part of Student Entrepreneur Programme, to present to a group of 40 students from Yumin Primary School on 14th October 2016.

 The Student Entrepreneur Programme (SEP) was founded by the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) with the purpose to impart the basic understanding of starting and running of an enterprise, financial skills as well as hand-on experience to students aged 10 to 15 through highly engaging and fun activities. SOE believes that if these values are nurtured at an early age in the right approach, then they would be useful and benefit them in their later stage in life. The “Meet the Entrepreneur” session is an opportunity for students to meet the SOE honourees and learn from them.

As an SOE honouree in 2015, the TTS Group team which was made up of Kelvin Foo (Director, SE Asia), Tan You Jin (Manager, Singapore), Malcolm Soh (Transport Executive) and Phuong Do (Accounts Executive) was invited to Yumin Primary School to share our knowledge and experience in running a successful enterprise. The presentation covered various aspects of entrepreneurship through the story of TTS Group, including:

  • Marketing: Public Relations, Unique Selling Proposition and Differentiation Strategy of TTS Group;
  • Human Resource: the priority put on staff and company culture;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): charity activities and funding programs TTS Group has engaged in;

In the end of the sharing session, Kelvin shared his thoughts and advices about running a business with students, aiming to promote entrepreneurship spirit amongst the younger generation. TTS Group team and students from Yumin Primary School had great time with each other, and we are looking forward to the future visualized and realized by these young people.

TTS Group Shares Traffic Knowledge With Manila

Posted: 23 November 2016

TTS Group is honoured to be invited to a conference organised by University of Santo Tomas to share experience in traffic planning with officers and consultants working in traffic industry as well as students from the University.

Kelvin Foo, our Director, SE Asia has been invited as one of the key expert speakers, and the only international speaker, to a conference of College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Santo Tomas, at the Grand Ballroom of the Buenaventura Garcia Paredes O.P. building, on 16th November 2016.

The traffic problem at Metro Manila has been predicted by several studies since 1980s. In the last five years, about 450,000 vehicles were added, in which 60% are motorbikes, while very few infrastructures have been built. As a result, infrastructure supply is short of travel demand. There are now 2.35 million vehicles competing for limited road space. Daily commute time is from 90 to 150 minutes, which costs P2.4 billion a day (more than 10 percent of the gross regional domestic product).

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) is credited as Asia’s oldest existing university and now one of the most technologically advanced universities in Philippine. The University dedicates herself to the generation, advancement and transmission of knowledge to form competent and compassionate professionals. Themed “Upheave: Ascending Tourism in the Metro Through Transcending Traffic Management”, the conference aimed to discuss possible platform to consolidate efforts of all government agencies to solve traffic congestion in Metro Manila, demonstrate deeper understanding how traffic problems affect the influx of tourists and
travellers, describe best existing practices in traffic management, cite feasible solutions to solve congestion and create a strategic partnership for the promotion of tourism.

With more than 15 years of experience in the traffic and transport sector and widely known as the regional expert for various aspects of the
transport planning industry, Kelvin Foo is honoured to be invited as the only foreign guest speaker at the conference. Entitled “Southeast Asian countries’ best practices in urban traffic control – Case Study of Singapore”, Kelvin’s presentation shared his experience in traffic planning in Singapore as well as other Southeast Asian countries and spoke about his opinions on the traffic situation in Manila and what we could do to solve the problems.

Mr Engr. Nabor Gaviola, the President of Transport and Traffic Planners Inc. (TTPI) and a part-time professor at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, was assigned as the reactor to Kelvin’s presentation. Kelvin and Mr Gaviola exchanged professional opinions with each other and have come up with some very deep insights and valuable ideas about the topic.

In the end of the conference, representatives from the University of Santo Tomas gave Certificate and Token of Appreciation to Kelvin and other speakers at the event. The conference has successfully ended, and opened new opportunities for further similar and advanced events in the future.

TTS Group On Myanmar Press Media

Posted: 16 July 2016

As part of the “Workshop programme on knowledge sharing of Traffic Engineering and Urban Transport Planning” organised and sponsored by Sun United Company Limited which is based in Myanmar, on 10 July 2016 at Park Royal Hotel Yangon, TTS Group has also been invited to be interviewed on several press media in Yangon on the transport planning vision of Yangon.

The TTS Group team which made up of Kelvin Foo (Director, SE Asia), Tan You Jin (Manager, Singapore) and Vinh Pham (Manager, Vietnam) were faced with difficult and yet down-to-earth questions from the local press media.

One of these questions was “What are your views about transport planning developments in Yangon and what strategies can be employed to this city?”

Kelvin who led the introduction and strategic vision plan part of the TTS Group presentation said “TTS Group has strong and well-rounded capabilities in developed and emerging economies, as well as cover all aspects of transport planning and traffic engineering. We strongly believe these qualities of TTS Group would be able to support Yangon and its authorities, such as YCDC to come up with practical solutions which are also in consistent with international practices. These measures will certainly assist Yangon and its people to enjoy a better level of traffic situation.”

When asked about the transport solutions proposed for Yangon, You Jin replied “We are not here to propose a revamp in everything. In fact we want to work with Yangon to improve the systems here, and that means proposing solutions which are based on working systems already established in Yangon”


Last but not least, when asked about the data collection process most appropriate to Yangon, Vinh explained that the customised TTS approach in data collection greatly encourages data verification and reliability of the traffic data collected. And this would allow the planning process to be more accurate and therefore able to afford strong and practical solutions.

TTS Group, firmly hopes that with the support from our local partner Sun United, are able to convey a strong message through the Myanmar press media, and that is, we strongly believe the team is able to make a difference to the transport planning climate in Myanmar and therefore increase the standard of living in Yangon.

Please click the video below to view an interview of the TTS Group team on Myanmar Media.