TTS Group Shares Entrepreneurship knowledge with Yumin 2016

Posted: 17 October 2016

TTS Group is honoured to be invited to “Meet the Entrepreneur” sharing session as a part of Student Entrepreneur Programme, to present to a group of 40 students from Yumin Primary School on 14th October 2016.

 The Student Entrepreneur Programme (SEP) was founded by the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) with the purpose to impart the basic understanding of starting and running of an enterprise, financial skills as well as hand-on experience to students aged 10 to 15 through highly engaging and fun activities. SOE believes that if these values are nurtured at an early age in the right approach, then they would be useful and benefit them in their later stage in life. The “Meet the Entrepreneur” session is an opportunity for students to meet the SOE honourees and learn from them.

As an SOE honouree in 2015, the TTS Group team which was made up of Kelvin Foo (Director, SE Asia), Tan You Jin (Manager, Singapore), Malcolm Soh (Transport Executive) and Phuong Do (Accounts Executive) was invited to Yumin Primary School to share our knowledge and experience in running a successful enterprise. The presentation covered various aspects of entrepreneurship through the story of TTS Group, including:

  • Marketing: Public Relations, Unique Selling Proposition and Differentiation Strategy of TTS Group;
  • Human Resource: the priority put on staff and company culture;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): charity activities and funding programs TTS Group has engaged in;

In the end of the sharing session, Kelvin shared his thoughts and advices about running a business with students, aiming to promote entrepreneurship spirit amongst the younger generation. TTS Group team and students from Yumin Primary School had great time with each other, and we are looking forward to the future visualized and realized by these young people.

TTS Group Shares Traffic Knowledge With Manila

Posted: 23 November 2016

TTS Group is honoured to be invited to a conference organised by University of Santo Tomas to share experience in traffic planning with officers and consultants working in traffic industry as well as students from the University.

Kelvin Foo, our Director, SE Asia has been invited as one of the key expert speakers, and the only international speaker, to a conference of College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Santo Tomas, at the Grand Ballroom of the Buenaventura Garcia Paredes O.P. building, on 16th November 2016.

The traffic problem at Metro Manila has been predicted by several studies since 1980s. In the last five years, about 450,000 vehicles were added, in which 60% are motorbikes, while very few infrastructures have been built. As a result, infrastructure supply is short of travel demand. There are now 2.35 million vehicles competing for limited road space. Daily commute time is from 90 to 150 minutes, which costs P2.4 billion a day (more than 10 percent of the gross regional domestic product).

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) is credited as Asia’s oldest existing university and now one of the most technologically advanced universities in Philippine. The University dedicates herself to the generation, advancement and transmission of knowledge to form competent and compassionate professionals. Themed “Upheave: Ascending Tourism in the Metro Through Transcending Traffic Management”, the conference aimed to discuss possible platform to consolidate efforts of all government agencies to solve traffic congestion in Metro Manila, demonstrate deeper understanding how traffic problems affect the influx of tourists and
travellers, describe best existing practices in traffic management, cite feasible solutions to solve congestion and create a strategic partnership for the promotion of tourism.

With more than 15 years of experience in the traffic and transport sector and widely known as the regional expert for various aspects of the
transport planning industry, Kelvin Foo is honoured to be invited as the only foreign guest speaker at the conference. Entitled “Southeast Asian countries’ best practices in urban traffic control – Case Study of Singapore”, Kelvin’s presentation shared his experience in traffic planning in Singapore as well as other Southeast Asian countries and spoke about his opinions on the traffic situation in Manila and what we could do to solve the problems.

Mr Engr. Nabor Gaviola, the President of Transport and Traffic Planners Inc. (TTPI) and a part-time professor at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, was assigned as the reactor to Kelvin’s presentation. Kelvin and Mr Gaviola exchanged professional opinions with each other and have come up with some very deep insights and valuable ideas about the topic.

In the end of the conference, representatives from the University of Santo Tomas gave Certificate and Token of Appreciation to Kelvin and other speakers at the event. The conference has successfully ended, and opened new opportunities for further similar and advanced events in the future.

TTS Group On Myanmar Press Media

Posted: 16 July 2016

As part of the “Workshop programme on knowledge sharing of Traffic Engineering and Urban Transport Planning” organised and sponsored by Sun United Company Limited which is based in Myanmar, on 10 July 2016 at Park Royal Hotel Yangon, TTS Group has also been invited to be interviewed on several press media in Yangon on the transport planning vision of Yangon.

The TTS Group team which made up of Kelvin Foo (Director, SE Asia), Tan You Jin (Manager, Singapore) and Vinh Pham (Manager, Vietnam) were faced with difficult and yet down-to-earth questions from the local press media.

One of these questions was “What are your views about transport planning developments in Yangon and what strategies can be employed to this city?”

Kelvin who led the introduction and strategic vision plan part of the TTS Group presentation said “TTS Group has strong and well-rounded capabilities in developed and emerging economies, as well as cover all aspects of transport planning and traffic engineering. We strongly believe these qualities of TTS Group would be able to support Yangon and its authorities, such as YCDC to come up with practical solutions which are also in consistent with international practices. These measures will certainly assist Yangon and its people to enjoy a better level of traffic situation.”

When asked about the transport solutions proposed for Yangon, You Jin replied “We are not here to propose a revamp in everything. In fact we want to work with Yangon to improve the systems here, and that means proposing solutions which are based on working systems already established in Yangon”


Last but not least, when asked about the data collection process most appropriate to Yangon, Vinh explained that the customised TTS approach in data collection greatly encourages data verification and reliability of the traffic data collected. And this would allow the planning process to be more accurate and therefore able to afford strong and practical solutions.

TTS Group, firmly hopes that with the support from our local partner Sun United, are able to convey a strong message through the Myanmar press media, and that is, we strongly believe the team is able to make a difference to the transport planning climate in Myanmar and therefore increase the standard of living in Yangon.

Please click the video below to view an interview of the TTS Group team on Myanmar Media.

TTS Group Shares Traffic Knowledge with Yangon

Posted: 12 July 2016

TTS Group is greatly privileged and honoured to be invited to Yangon to present at “Workshop programme on knowledge sharing of Traffic Engineering and Urban Transport Planning” on 10 July 2016 at Park Royal Hotel Yangon. The event, which was attended by 200 professionals, was jointly organised by Myanmar Engineering Society and Myanmar AGTI Society, and was proudly sponsored by our local partner Sun United Company Limited.

Indeed, this is a great opportunity for TTS Group to show case our all-round capabilities in traffic and transport planning and how we can help the city to investigate further into their current issues related to traffic and transport.

This is also a good platform for the Hanoi Office and Singapore Office to join forces to present at this workshop. You Jin and Vinh Pham who are Managers of TTS Group’s offices in Singapore and Hanoi respectively, are also involved in the presentation together with Kelvin.

Without a doubt, the event is also able to provide a platform to exchange useful opinions and technical pointers on the traffic situation in Yangon with local practitioners.

The workshop also saw the Guest of Honour (GOH), Madam May May Twe from YCDC, and Mr U Uang M the Chairman of Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) giving their welcome speeches before the presentation officially started.

Mr Soe Thein, Director of Sun United Company Limited, started off the presentation on the various types of traffic improvements which could be feasible for Yangon.

This is then followed by Kelvin who kicked off the presentation for TTS Group with introducing the company and discussed the transport and traffic issues facing the regional countries. He then went on to present a strategic vision of what Yangon City could adopt to tackle its traffic situation, and how capacity building is important to the city itself.

You jin presented the traffic solutions tools which would help to achieve the vision set for Yangon and introduced the potential software which could help in the assessment of junctions and subsequently improve them. He also presented case studies from around the world and explain the connection of improving congestion in these cities to Yangon.

Last but not least, Vinh presented the various methods to collect traffic data and compared the pros and cons of each method. He then went on to explain TTS approach in data collection which encourages verification and reliability of the traffic data collected.

In closing the presentation, all the speakers were once again invited back on stage to answer questions from the floor. The consensus from the audience is that the traffic condition has to be tackled urgently and that TTS Group, together with our local partner, Sun United Company Limited, can all move upward and forward as a valuable asset to Yangon city, in overcoming the traffic congestion issues together.


TTS Group Delivers Key Note Speech for SME Summit 2016

Posted: 1 July 2016

TTS Group is honoured to be invited to SME Biz-Innovation Summit organised by SMB World Asia to present the key note address to a group of 200 CEOs and senior management executives.

Kelvin Foo, our Director, SE Asia has been invited as the key note speaker to the annual SME Summit, to address a crowd of 200 CEOs and senior management executives, at One Farrer Hotel & Spa, on 23rd June 2016.

“This is a great opportunity for us to show case TTS Group as an innovative Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore.” says Kelvin Foo, Director, SE Asia of TTS Group. “It gives me great honour and privilege to be able to provide useful opinions and exchange pointers to the C-level executives who are running SMEs themselves.” said Kelvin.

Themed “Smarter Strategies for Sustainable Business,” the 5th SME BIZ INNOVATION SUMMIT focused on the core challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs in Singapore. The summit also provided insightful sharing of case studies, best practices and incisive panel discussions with successful business owners, close-up views of the latest in technology and innovations, allowing our attendees to have hands-on opportunities for creative collaboration with leading industry peers and vendors.

Entitled “Innovate Like a Start-up”, Kelvin’s presentation spoke about his opinions on the recent announcements of Budget 2016 and its impact on the SMEs. To find out more on the list of key items of the Budget which affects the SME, please click the following link:
Kelvin then went out to share with the audience the current issues faced by SMEs and elaborated on TTS Group’s four important “SME Survival Tactics” in the current uncertain economy and the challenges faced by it.

The four tactics which Kelvin shared as summarized as below:

SME Survival Tactic 1: Develop and apply advanced technology whenever and wherever possible

SME Survival Tactic 2:  Structure in a way to attain expertise, potential and capacity to go global

SME Survival Tactic 3: Always place company staff as priority – focus on developing strengths

SME Survival Tactic 4: Establish branding of the business and find the path which associates best with your products and services

In closing remarks, Kelvin welcomed the established and aspiring SME businesses to exchange pointers on the various strategies and contacts, so that we can all move upward and forward as a SME entity to overcome the upcoming challenges together.

TTS Group Shows Concern To Orphans In Hanoi

Date Posted: 15.06.2016

TTS group visited the Social Sponsor Centre III, Branch 3: Centre for Orphans and Malnourished Children on 12 June 2016. We were privileged to present the centre with some packet milks and sweets for the children and our token of appreciation to thank them for what they have been doing to help the unfortunate kids. We are also honoured  to be addressed by Ms Hoa, the person-in-charge of this centre, on the background and purpose of this Centre.

Kelvin Foo, Director SE Asia of TTS Group said “I cannot begin to explain how fun and equally rewarding this whole event has been for me personally and for the staff across our entire company.”

“I was encouraged to see our staff form the Singapore and Vietnam office come together in supporting our corporate values and engaging corporate social responsibility.” said Kelvin.

Since the foundation, the centre has received over 500 kids, 400 of them have come back to their own family or been adopted by a new family. When they grow up, they always come back to visit this place, where they have received much help and love during their childhood.

At the end of 2013, this home was merged into Social Sponsor Centre III, and since then has been known as Branch 3 of the Social Sponsor Centre III.

There are currently 28 kids in the center, divided into 4 groups: newborn (less than 6 months old), from 6 months to 2 years old, from 2 years to 3 years old, and from 3 years – 5 years old. The addition to the family is only over 1 week old.

All of them were malnourished from birth because of pre-mature birth, with some were not able to drink milk from the bottle and have to be fed milk directly through the nose.

The lovely and innocent smile on the kids’ faces truly light up every heart of the TTS Family. We are indeed very happy to have spent our time with them and we are more aware of our responsibility for the well-being of this world.

Well Done TTS Group!

For anyone interested to pay the Centre a visit, they are located on Nguyen Hoang Street, My Dinh II Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi (about 500m away from My Dinh Bus Station).

TTS Group on Talking Point

Posted: 28 March 2016

TTS Group was honoured to be invited to Mediacorp’s Channel 5 live Programme, Talking Point, on the evening of 24th March 2016 to discuss Singapore Budget 2016 which was announced recently by Singapore’s Finance Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat.

Kelvin Foo, TTS Group Director for SE Asia was invited to participate on the specialist panel to give his professional views and comments on the 2016 Budget.

“This was a great opportunity for us to express our views as a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore.” says Marc Mrsic, Managing Director and Chairman of TTS Group. “It gives me great satisfaction to see TTS Group moving up in the ranks as a  leading SME to be able to provide useful opinions to the public.” said Marc.

The announced Budget 2016 has many encouraging schemes for the SMEs in the midst of the raising concern of a slowing economy and raising costs of doing business in Singapore. To find out more on the list of key items of the Budget which affects the SME, please click on here or here.

“When I first heard the announcement of the Budget by our Minister Heng Swee Keat, the immediate reaction I had was the budget indeed answered to several immediate needs of the economy, and it was comforting to see that.” said Kelvin Foo, Director, SE Asia. “During the live programme, it was a little different to what was rehearsed and therefore we need to think fast to react to the host, Steve Chia’s questions!”

Indeed, in the programme, Kelvin mentioned that there are two particular schemes noted in the Budget that are quite useful.

The first scheme is the Loan Assistance for SMEs, the Government will introduce a new SME Working Capital Loan scheme, for loans of up to $300,000 per SME. Under this scheme, the Government will co-share 50% of the default risk of these loans with participating financial institutions, to encourage lending to SMEs.

“This Capital Loan scheme will be extremely useful to small companies and will help these companies to overcome cash flow issues. However, we are unsure about the details of this scheme at the moment” said Kelvin.

The other scheme is the Access of Grants from various agencies more easily. The Government will launch the Business Grants Portal which will organise these grants along core business needs of i) capability building, ii) training and iii) international expansion. The portal will start with grants from IE Singapore, SPRING, STB and Design Singapore and progressively include grants from other Government agencies.

“This scheme will allow better accessibility to the grants when they are changed to scheme-centric to company-centric. Companies like ours will be able to access the funds more efficiently rather than finding out which agency offer which grants, at the moment” added Kelvin

To this end, we look forward to the details of the Budget scheme to be unveiled in time to come. We have confidence that this Budget sets a tone right to tackle the immediate concerns that most, if not all, SMEs face.

You can view the entire programme here.

TTS Group Proud to be Part of Singapore Airshow 2016

Posted: 01.03.2016

TTS Group has been appointed as the Traffic Consultant by Experia Events, the organiser of the Singapore Airshow, Asia’s largest and one of the most important aerospace and defence exhibitions in the world.

“The Singapore Airshow is a grand showcase of aviation capabilities and we are humbled to be part of the technical team to do forward planning for the upcoming event,” said Kelvin Foo, our Director SE Asia.

Using the traffic modelling software AIMSUN, TTS hopes to develop solutions and recommendations for enhanced traffic management for the upcoming Singapore Airshow in 2018.

“It is our honour to work with Experia in enhancing traffic management for one of the world’s most important aviation events,” said YouJin, our TTS Group Manager.

The project is in progress and we look forward to the completion of the traffic management plans in June 2016!



TTS Group Wins Top 10 Promising SME 500 Award

Posted 06.09.2015

Our Singapore office was recently nominated as a Promising SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) 500 business in Singapore for year 2015. The Promising SME 500 Award is a campaign supported by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA) which recognises business success and excellence in Singapore.

If this wasn’t enough to be proud of we were then voted into the esteemed Top 10 category where we received a special achievement award as a leading business luminary for Singapore.

“We were overwhelmed to have be selected for this award. To then go on and be voted Top 10 left me speechless as it is a significant honour and proud moment for all of us. To have been selected from the thousands of companies nominated in Singapore is a real achievement in in this tough market economy we operate in,” said Marc Mrsic, Managing Director of TTS Group.

The Award recognizes the excellence and achievements of companies and individuals whose tenacity, wisdom, vision and integrity are hallmarks of their enterprises.

Kelvin Foo, Director, SE Asia of TTS Group, added, “Indeed, we are very encouraged by this award which is testament of the hard work and achievements of our staff in not only meeting but often exceeding client expectations.”

Our Singapore office has achieved excellence in all of the projects we execute and provided real and sustainable traffic solutions that increase efficiency in the local road network.

This award also shows the level of competence TTS Group has achieved in such short time being a relatively young company in comparison to most of our competitors.

Kelvin also said, “To us, it is really all about family. Our staff are family here, and we often do not even seem like a company. We encourage each other to be open and to communicate at all levels. That is really the most important thing about this business which reflects in our work and relationships with our clients.”

K’s 4 Kids Help Fire Victims in Vietnam

Posted 28.05.2015


Sadly following our recent K’s 4 Kids charity ride in North Vietnam, we were devastated to hear the news that one of the local families in the area we stayed lost their house in a tragic fire believed to have started by an electrical fault.

Ly Tran Tinh is a year 8 student in Co Linh school at Bắc Kạn province. The fire completely destroyed his family home, their livelihoods and all their belongings. Luckily Tinh and his family were able to escape the blaze without injury.

The fire left Tinh’s family homeless with no food, clothing or means of income from their home-run business.  They have since found temporary refuge in a neighbour’s house while they try and rebuild their lives.

K’s 4 Kids donated well-needed funds from their recent charity ride directly to Tinh’s family last week. Our donated funds, the equivalent of 3 months income for the family, was straight away put to good use and provided the family with essential items such as food, clothing and temporary shelter equipment.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports K’s 4 Kids activities including Quan, Kelvin, Marc and Maria for their kind donations.

It was such an emotional sight and we are really proud to have been able to help this innocent hard working family in an area where we only just recently visited earlier this month.

We plan on returning to the region soon to visit Tinh and his family to see how they are progressing over the next month.

 Tinh’s family receiving food clothing and shelter equipment