Aimsun Software

The fully integrated transport modelling software


Our Singapore office is an official distribution agent for Aimsun, the world’s leading traffic simulation software. We provide an exclusive and integrated range of services throughout the SE Asian region for Aimsun covering:

Software sales and maintenance
Technical support
Software training
Consulting services


Traffic simulation without boundaries

Aimsun allows you to model anything from a single bus lane to the whole transport network of a large city. With thousands of licensed users in government agencies, consultancies and universities all over the world, Aimsun stands out for the exceptionally high speed of its simulations and for fusing static and dynamic traffic assignment with mesoscopic, microscopic and hybrid simulation – all within a single software application.

With Aimsun you can build extensible dynamic simulation models of major world cities using a single software environment. The intuitive user interface, logical objects, ease of calibration and impressive array of outputs compress project timescales and budgets. Featuring the most complete set of interfaces in the market, Aimsun works with most popular demand modelling, signal optimisation and adaptive control tools.

Traffic management at the speed of life

Aimsun Online is a real-time decision support system for traffic management. Its dynamic, high-speed simulations of large areas allows traffic operators to “see” traffic conditions before they actually unfold and anticipate future events. It’s fast too: 2 to 5 minutes is all Aimsun Online  needs to produce comprehensive traffic predictions for the next half hour.

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