Key People


Marko Mrsic founded TTS Group in 2010 and as Managing Director of the firm he has over 20 years of industry experience in the traffic and transport sector.

Marko has an extensive range of professional experience managing various large-scale traffic engineering studies and transport planning projects at an international level. He has carried out many high-profile projects around the world and has worked in the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, India and various Middle East regions.

With a civil engineering and design background he specialises in traffic systems design, traffic operations, traffic management, road safety, transport master planning, car park facilities, site design and traffic equipment technology. With this range of specialised expertise Marko is also called upon as an expert witness to represent clients as part of appeal proceedings in the Planning and Environment Court of Australia.

Marko is also the founding member and President of the Transport Industry Forum of Singapore (TIFS), a Fellow member and committee representative of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM) and actively participates in various conferences, seminars and workshops as a guest speaker for industry events both nationally and abroad.


Managing Director

Kelvin joined TTS Group in 2010 and was subsequently appointed as a company Director in 2011. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree with Honours in civil engineering from National University of Singapore and obtained his Masters of Transport from Imperial College, London. He started the TTS Group Vietnam office in 2014.

As the Director of our SE Asia operations looking after our Singapore and Vietnam offices, Kelvin has over 16 years of post-grad experience in the traffic and transport sector as a professional consultant. He has worked on a wide range of complex traffic engineering and transport planning projects in countries including the UK, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Cambodia and Indonesia.

As a local Singaporean permanently based in our Singapore office, Kelvin has managed and successfully executed many local projects ranging from traffic impact studies to the development of traffic management plans, preparing transport master plans, traffic operations and transport modelling projects and road safety audits.

Kelvin has advised on several strategic transportation projects in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on the ITS of the overall BRT systems. Kelvin has also led the development of complex incident management strategies for Singapore’s road network system, has been called upon by national media to provide professional independent opinions and been subject to media interviews on the local transportation systems. Being highly regarded in the local industry Kelvin continues to be actively involved in various industry forums, events and organisations at both local and international levels.

As a company director Kelvin is responsible for our overall business operations in the SE Asian region and provides leadership across all our business divisions spanning traffic and transport consulting and data collection/traffic survey services.


Associate Director, Consulting (SE Asia)

You Jin joined TTS Group at the end of 2010 as a senior traffic engineer. He was then appointed the position of Manager of our Traffic Consulting division in Singapore.

With a broad and extended range of professional experience You Jin has worked in various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

With this range of experience You Jin specialises in traffic analysis, micro-simulation modelling, strategic modelling and travel demand forecasting. He has also been involved in managing and carrying out diverse range of traffic impact assessment studies, operational assessment plans and various other transport system planning projects throughout the region.

You Jin manages our traffic consulting business in Singapore and is responsible for the overall execution and delivery of all consulting projects in the SE Asian region.