Market Research

Market research is a systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organization firms using statistical and analytical techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insights or support the decision making process. Our market research expertise in Singapore, Hanoi and Australia covers on-field data collection, large-scale Visitorship surveys, questionnaire design, quantitative research and qualitative research.

Market Research Surveys

Large Scale Visitorship Surveys
Perception Survey
Event Satisfaction Survey
Public Opinion Survey
Awareness Survey
Travel Behaviour Survey

Qualitative Research Techniques

Focus Group Discussion/Interviews
Case Studies
Fieldwork Observations
Qualitative Review of Statistics
Interpretive Analysis
Data Coding

Quantitative Research Techniques

Correlational Analysis
Mathematical Modelling
Regression Analysis

Online Market Research

“Device-on-the-go” strategy
Online and Real-time Analysis
Integrated Survey Platform
User interface Optimisation